Amgen Associate Scientist in Shanghai, China


  1. Carry out independent scientific research to generate and optimize different therapeutic antibodies against GPCR targets using combinatorial antibody phage and other display libraries.

  2. Work together with project team, design and execute molecular cloning strategy for antibody, GPCR and reagent molecule generation.

  3. Effectively resolve scientific and technical challenges related to antibody generation.

  4. Catalyze technology and process innovation in the antibody discovery and engineering.


  1. PhD with 1-2 years relevant experience, MS with minimum 5 years relevant experience in biopharmaceutical sector or academia.

  2. PhD or Master's Degree in Molecular Biology, Immunology, Cell Biology or a related discipline. 3. Technical expertise in molecular cloning, phage display, antibody protein engineering, familiarity of protein purification, cell culture and assay development is desired.

  3. Maintains thorough knowledge of own scientific field and willing to constantly learn new knowledge.

  4. Highly organized, strongly motivated and self-initiated superior problem-solving skills.

  5. Capable working in a bilingual environment (English and Chinese).