Amgen Regional Medical Liaison in Seoul, South Korea

Main Tasks

  • Identifies, develops, and maintains collaborative relationships with current and future Medical Experts (MEs), Health Care Providers (HCPs), scientific experts, cooperative study groups and study sites

  • Implements Scientific Engagement Plans (SEPs) in line with local and regional medical strategy

  • Communicates complex evidence-based scientific information and research concepts to MEs and HCPs. Communication is reactive unless disease state or on-label per local compliance regulations

  • Implements and disseminates high quality medical and scientific educational programs; gives clinical and scientific presentations at sites / hospitals

  • Delivers clinical and scientific presentations as needed

  • Responds to scientific inquires by HCPs in a timely manner

  • Ensures society engagement: RML collaboration with local, national, and international congresses

  • Implements and disseminates high quality medical and scientific educational programs

  • Discusses scientific value messages, clinical outcome and patient benefits with MEs, hospital pharmacists, and local payers in close collaboration with payer and access group as appropriate

  • Captures competitive information according to Amgen's ethical standards

  • Provides feedback based on field interactions with MEs and HCPs and documents interactions in ALIGN

  • Supports Amgen sponsored research to ensure prioritization of trial site selection and feasibility across assigned territories

  • Involved in SIV, SIM, and subject recruitment/retention strategies

  • Understand trial/referral networks and identify enrollment barriers

  • Participates in investigator meetings according to approvedinvestigator strategy

  • Responds to requests for investigator sponsored research proposals

  • Delivers targeted internal training for selected topics (e.g. study update, congress news, latest scientific developments)

  • Contributes to qualitative and quantitative reports

  • Ensures conduct of work in line with compliance regulations


  • Advanced degree (e.g. MD, PharmD, PhD, DO) preferred or strong demonstration of equivalent combination of relevant educational and professional training

  • Minimum 3 years of experience as an MSL in multinational pharmaceutical company

  • Bone TA related experience preferred

  • Willingness to travel; possesses valid driver’s license

  • Experience with clinical study management and conduct

  • Medical / scientific research experience


  • Scientific expertise in the therapeutic area, related products, disease state, and interested in latest discoveries

  • Has solid understanding of country local health care system and decision-making, stays on top of changes

  • Good knowledge of clinical research, drug safety, legal and compliance environment

  • Demonstrates strong project management and presentation skills

  • Knowledge of value messages, clinical outcomes and patient benefits for the products

  • Knowledge of commercialization and business practices

  • Willingness to continuously expand medical, scientific, market, and industry knowledge