Amgen Patient Support Program Manger in Bogota, Colombia

As part of the brand team, the PSP manager will collaborate in de LPS design and will propose tactics that will be executed by his/her team in the fieldOrganize KPIs that will allow him/her and the brand manager to understand if the services provided have been successful.He/she will look for innovative ways to serve our patients and physicians, and will be responsible to contact vendors, strategic stakeholders, among others to ensure new possibilities to extend our PSP services. *She/he will be responsible of organizing monthly statistic data for the Brand leads, SAMs. For them to use it as a tool for their business decisions. *Responsible for the budget organization and accurate execution. *Responsible for organizing the PSP structure according to the brands needs. Ensuring not only the correct execution of the tactics planned per brand but also financial efficiencies.Lead the relationship with vendors organizing: contracts, trainings, processes, KPIs to measure fieldforce, call center and the vendor itselfWork together with the PSP vendor to stablish KPIs that will allow us to measure the PSP staff.Work together with the Amgen┬┤s IT department, to evolve all the IT needs the PSP may have. Ensuring all statistic data is perfectly saved and trustable.

-*he/she must be fluent in English, a business background is preferred for this position. PSP programs management is a plus, but we will also consider people that has managed CRM services in other industries.