Amgen Corporate Affairs Manager in Tokyo, Japan

The jobholder will primarily be accountable for external corporate and brand communications, working in collaboration with the country cross functional brand and multichannel teams. He/She will work on site specific and cross-functional projects in support of the Japan business including R&D.

Strategic Planning:

  • Develop and implement integrated communications strategy supporting AABP's transformation to become Amgen affiliate in 2020.

  • By 'integrated' communication strategy, we refer to a strategy that is based on coherent objectives and KPI that encompasses all communication activities external media, owned media, social media, and employee communications including leadership communications, corporate, product, and R&D communications.

Leadership Communications:

  • Plan and execute media relations for AABP leadership team (mainly GM, S&M, and R&D heads) to shape the favorable external environment for AABP's business as well as create/maximize opportunities of Amgen's communications activities in Japan.

  • Develop corporate narrative and briefing materials including messaging and FAQ for spokespeson; Provide spokesperson training; Coordinate media interviews; Work with the journalists to ensure AABP's messages are correctly reported; Provide counsel.

General Corporate Communications:

  • Maintain and improve corporate website as a platform to provide AABP's activities and commitments/contributions to the medical communities as a biotech leader.

  • Develop and execute further corporate communications plan to educate the medical communities, leveraging Amgen's scientific information resources.

Product Communications:

  • Work with the brand team to understand their communication needs and collaborate to enhance their overall communication plans from corporate perspectives;

  • Plan and execute media initiatives for the relevant disease areas to shape the favorable external environment for AABP's business.

  • Act as a corporate spokesperson and address the needs from the journalists and external stakeholders to ensure favorable perceptions toward AABP's products and the relevant disease areas.

Internal Communications:

  • Plan and execute inner communication initiatives to build confidence for 2020;

  • Appropriately create the sense of transparency in the organizations, ensuring GM's messages are fully cascaded and understood by AABP staff across functions. (ex. Develop internal comms. editorial plans and write news reports that can motivate AABP staff and promote corporate goals.)

  • Develop narratives and FAQ for GM;

  • Coordinate internal meetings and provide feedback to the leadership team and the staff.

Basic Skills (Minimum Requirements) to Successfully Perform the Above:

  • Well-rounded knowledge and experience in public relations, including internal communications, equivalent to 5+ years of experiences as a corporate communicator/strategic PR planner

  • Basic knowledge in pharmaceutical business, disease state education, and clinical data announcement

  • Strong command of both Japanese and English speaking/writing

  • PR Planner certified by Public Relations Society of Japan (preferred)